Paul Gildea Artist Management

I had the good fortune of booking Duncan whilst I was out of town so needed to rely on someone to be there be organised and liaise with a group of people at the venue who were new to him. Duncan did all this with ease and pulled a great sound with an act he’d never seen before. Couldnt recommend him highly enough for any type of gig

Paul Gildea
Paul Gildea Artist Management

Midnight Youth

I have had the privilege of working with Duncan whilst touring Australia. Before entering the 23-date tour I had no expectations on what the tour Front of House Engineer would be like. I started the tour with an extreme surprise in that Duncan was one of the most professional and motivated people I had ever worked with.

Nothing was too hard and everything asked was done with a smile and it was done right the first time. Nothing seemed to get in the way of Duncan and his work. I could always rely on him to do something if asked, and when asking for my help or assistance it was polite and reasonable.

I would recommend Duncan’s work to anyone that needed professional work done. Duncan’s organization and trouble shooting of any problem was amazing. There was never anything that got in the way of the event. Not even a stage box blowing up and Duncan having to repatch the whole stage, line check, tune wedges and soundcheck a band within about 30 minutes.

Duncan’s prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of work being done. Sometimes I even feel slightly guilty paying the rates I do.

Nick Campbell
Midnight Youth

Industry Sound Studios

While working with Duncan, I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and easy going nature. This is certainly a rare combination in this industry, clearly due to the confidence he has in his own ability to both handle and resolve any technical issues that may arise.

My live band runs a complex split system coupled with synced computers and an extensive in-ear monitoring rig, which often finds engineers out of their depth and struggling to comprehend the signal flow. Duncan however, understood exactly what was happening due to past experiences with monitoring and FOH duties.

This aside, Duncan’s creativity and flair for mixing places him squarely in the upper echelons of mixers worldwide.
Duncan is organised, punctual and more than affordable when considering his vast experience and skill as an elite audio engineer.
I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Steve Alexander
Industry Sound Studios

Big Bull Management

Duncan has worked alongside Australian band Dukes of Windsor and Big Bull Management since 2006. During this time he has covered all aspects of live sound production for the band as well as tour management activities when required.

Whether it be arena performances or smaller pub shows Duncan is one of the best I have worked with when it comes to audio production. Additionally, I have found him to be patient, thoughtful and professional at all times and I have no hesitation in recommending Duncan for any live performances that require audio engineering/sound production.

Please feel free to contact me via the web address below if you would like me to provide any further information regarding Duncan Underwood.

Al Turnbull
Big Bull Management

New World Artists

Ever seen someone mix a band from an iphone – I have.

Duncan has proven to be a reliable and efficient sound guy, always consistent with his work and great trouble shooting skills.

C’mon 5 part harmonies – and a perfect mix, you can’t go wrong here..

Plus – Duncan may be the nerdiest/techiest guy I know, I bet while the rest of the guys in the tour van look at their girly magazines, he is reading the console manual.

Edwin Tehrani
New World Artists

Universal Music Australia

I have known Duncan Underwood for approximately 2 years now. He has been a Live Sound Engineer for one of the bands I signed – Dukes of Windsor.

Duncan has always displayed impeccable organisational skills, he is highly professional at all times, possesses a lovely personable manner, and he is very good at his job of managing and refining the bands’ sound for their live performances.

Jess Beston
Universale Music Australia

Michael Paynter

Duncan has been a part of my permanent team for 2 years now and he is absolutely irreplaceable. This is a guy who will not just pull a stunning FOH mix, but he will research your sound and who you are as an artist, the system he is walking into and who he is working with. He absolutely goes the extra mile. From bringing along an array of beautiful mics and pres to every gig, to handling the more detailed elements of my live show; he is, in my opinion, one of the greatest live engineers in this country.

Michael Paynter
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